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Too many maritime workers lose out on fair compensation because of fear of the blacklist. 

Even though there are laws to defend workers against retaliation, many folks can’t be sure they’ll really be protected if they file a claim. This fear has financially benefited the maritime industry without being pushed to improve safety at work.

If you suffered an offshore injury, the law is on your side and you have the strongest protections under maritime law compared to probably any worker in the U.S. 

With our experienced team at the Maritime Injury Law Firm, you can trust that we’ll fight for the compensation you deserve. If you suffered an offshore injury and you’re facing a short-term recovery or a life-altering injury, you can file a claim to secure your livelihood.

If you suffered an offshore injury, you have rights under maritime law

In Louisiana, there are two main acts that may protect you if you suffered an offshore injury:

Whether you qualify as a seaman under the Jones Act or a contract worker under the LHWCA, you have several rights when you are injured at work.

  • Your own doctor
  • Maintenance: Daily living expenses
  • Cure: Covers medical costs associated with your recovery

‘Blacklisting’ is illegal in Louisiana

It’s understandable to be afraid of blacklisting – it could mean the entire industry could decide not to hire you because you “caused trouble” or reported an accident or wanted to see your own doctor. 

Basically, if you stand up for your rights, companies could fire you or decide not to hire you so they don’t lose money. 

Although many laws have been passed to protect maritime workers since the days blacklisting may have been very common, the idea of the blacklist still saves companies money without them really having to do anything illegal. Your fear does all the work for them. 

But the reality of today is that:

  • Blacklisting is illegal
  • Any employer you list as a reference cannot discuss the fact that you filed a claim
  • Your employer cannot fire you for exercising your rights as a maritime worker
  • You can file a wrongful termination lawsuit if you think your employer targeted you
  • Many maritime workers have won their injury claims without retaliation and many have also won cases against their employers for blacklisting.

Remember, the law is on your side.

Not filing means putting your health and future at risk

Staying silent is a higher risk to your future for many reasons:

  •  If your offshore injury was caused by negligence and you don’t file, a fellow worker can suffer the same injury or worse because the problem was not fixed.
    • Filing can help improve your workplace for your fellow workers.
  • When applying for a new job, most offshore employers require physicals before you can start. You may not recover 100% after your offshore injury and as a result, face difficulty trying to pass these tests.
    • Filing can help secure your future financially if you can’t work because of an offshore injury.
  • If your employer brushes off even your smallest injury, it may get worse if you return to work without getting your own doctor or not taking the full time to recover. Your doctor should be the one to assess what’s best for your health, even if you just stubbed a toe, not your employer.
    • Filing can help you guarantee you’re given the full time it takes to recover and that you are paid for those days you were unable to work.

Contact our dedicated offshore injury attorneys – We’ll fight for you

If you are afraid of losing your livelihood because of retaliation, know that our team of maritime injury attorneys will fight hard for the compensation you deserve.

From our experience, not filing after an offshore injury doesn’t help anyone except the industry executives, and in the long run, you may end up losing your livelihood from untreated injuries.

With our maritime injury attorneys on your side, you don’t have to feel like you’re fighting giants. We are prepared to fight for fair compensation and seek justice against your employer if they retaliate. Contact us today to get started.

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