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I was working on the Mississippi River as a deckhand when we were collided with by an upbound vessel pushing 40 barges. I was in the galley at the time of the collision. Our boat sank in seconds, but I was lucky enough to escape before it went down.

I was the only survivor.


My three crewmates died. I was in shock, hurt, scared and didn’t know what the future was for me and my family.


I hired George Vourvoulias and he went to work right away. He listened to my story and he came up with a plan on how to deal with the insurance companies and the big boat owners. It was complicated because there were lots of different companies blaming each other and blaming my crew for the collision. The boat owners were trying to get out of having to pay. George’s plan worked and he was able to get a settlement that covered me for the rest of my life since I cannot work on boats anymore.


If you need a maritime injury lawyer who knows his stuff, call George Vourvoulias. He’ll protect you and your family and make sure you’re taken care of when things go wrong.
~ Nate Dugan, Deckhand

George represented me when I got injured working on a tow boat. The company was playing pretty rough with me, but George was able to get them to provide my medical care and got me a large settlement. If you work on boats, like I do, I recommend George Vourvoulias if you are looking for a lawyer who knows maritime law.

~ Curtis Watson, Lead Deckhand
Attorney George Vourvoulias - offshore injury lawyer Louisiana

I highly recommend this firm and our attorney George because they operated with our interests in mind, were available to always answer our questions, and maintained high integrity/ethics. These things matter so much when you dealing with legal matters that require that you have an attorney who is experienced in navigating the process and can explain the nuances of the law and how it can affect the outcome your case.

~ Debora Simmons

Faced with a really tough situation I turned to George and his firm for help. They were extremely helpful in explaining how things work and what steps to take. At a time when I felt things were going downhill, George got me through it and results were amazing to say the least. They worked hard to get me the best outcome.

~ Wayne Merrick, II
Attorney George Vourvoulias - jones act lawyer Louisiana
Louisiana Offshore Injury Lawyer - maritime injury law firm - George Vourvoulias

I hired George Vourvoulias after I suffered a back injury at work and a surgery that left me worse off than I was before. I was nervous because I was unable to work or earn any money. George explained everything to me and walked me through the strategy of how to deal with the worker's compensation people. He guided me through the process, negotiated with the worker's compensation people and got me $475,000. If anyone needs help for a work injury, I recommend George Vourvoulias and his firm.

~ Darren Holmes

Excellent: George and his team helped my wife and I through some of the toughest times of our life. They showed compassion, professionalism and an incredible amount of patience with us throughout. They fought for what was right and justice prevailed. Not only are they our lawyers...they are our friends

~ Bradley Akers

After I got hurt at my job, my employer and the insurance company would not help me. I needed a back surgery and I had no money and I couldn’t support my family. I didn’t think I had a future anymore. I called George Vourvoulias, and he helped me right away. He filed a lawsuit and forced my employer to pay for my medical bills and surgery. He was also able to get them to start paying me what the law said I deserved every week. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of George and his law firm. They care about me and my family, and they care about all of their clients.

~ Edwin Turcios
Louisiana Offshore Injury Lawyer - maritime injury law firm - George Vourvoulias
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