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Offshore workplace injuries can be enormous sources of stress, and if you’ve suffered an injury, you may be worried about whether you can support your family while you’re recovering. Luckily, there are extensive protections for seamen guaranteed by The Jones Act, among other laws. 

Nonetheless, you might be facing a battle with your employer in terms of your compensation. 

That’s where a maritime attorney comes in handy.

At The Maritime Injury Law Firm, we stand with offshore workers from across the country, helping them get the full compensation they deserve after an offshore injury. Here are 3 reasons how a maritime lawyer can help you with your case.

1. Understanding necessary evidence for maritime law

Maritime work can be dangerous and even deadly, but that doesn’t mean boat owners always take care of injured workers.

In many situations, you need an experienced maritime injury lawyer to help you navigate your case. You’ll need to prove that your employer, the owner of the boat, or another party acted negligently and that this negligence led to your injuries.

Your attorney will help you collect evidence to prove this by:

  • Writing down as much information about the incident as you can remember that may have contributed to the accident (i.e., dangerous and unsafe working procedures, lighting issues, negligent co-workers, etc.)
  • Getting written accounts from eyewitnesses
  • Obtaining photos or video evidence
  • Gathering your medical reports and official injury reports

Your maritime attorney can also help you determine which maritime laws may fit your specific situation:

Seamen and offshore workers are also entitled to periodic payments – “maintenance and cure” – from their employer for any illness or injury sustained or manifested in service of the ship.

2. Standing up to your employer and their insurer

In our years of representing injured maritime workers, here are some of the underhanded tactics we’ve seen employers use to avoid paying up:

  • Using a company doctor to examine you and downplay your injuries.
  • Having insurance adjusters approach you about signing a statement that does not match what happened.
  • Trying to get you to fill out an accident report that does not match what happened.
  • Ordering you back to work before you’re fully recovered to try to “prove” that your injury isn’t as bad as you claim it is.

An experienced maritime injury attorney can help you stand up for your rights and ensure these underhand tactics are unsuccessful – and that your case is successful, instead.

3. Representing you in your maritime injury case

There are two main ways to resolve a maritime injury case:

  • A settlement
  • Going to court

If an insurance settlement doesn’t work out, your maritime injury lawyer will help you file a lawsuit and take your employer to court to make sure you’re fairly compensated.

Hiring an attorney in your corner with decades of experience in maritime law throughout the U.S. is essential to guaranteeing you win your case.

Contact The Maritime Injury Law Firm today

Maritime is a very distinct area of law, unlike any other. And not every lawyer understands the ins and outs of these types of cases.

George Vourvoulias has dedicated the past 20 years to fighting for the rights of offshore workers — and has a deep understanding of the specific challenges you’re facing. If you’ve got a maritime injury case anywhere in the U.S., contact The Maritime Injury Law Firm now for a free consultation.

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